Adanya Salaam to co-host The Muslim Street Podcast

Adanya Salaam

Adanya Salaam, originally from Chicago now residing in Michigan told The Muslim Street recently that, “I have a voice and perspective that is not being heard in the Muslim dynamic in America.” The Muslim Street Podcast will launch this month and with the aim of integrating discussions of political struggles around the world, human interest stories and issues facing Muslims and everyday commonalities and current events.

Adanya Salaam

Each Week, Ms. Salaam will join her co-host and Editor-in-Chief of The Muslim Street, Malik Aziz as they interviews guest and subject matter experts in America and abroad. Aziz launched The Muslim Street Radio Show from the studio’s at WTAN Clearwater, Florida in 2011. Guest such as Dr. Oba T’Shaka (author of The Political Legacy of Malcolm X), Akbar Muhammad, International and African Representative of Minister Louis Farrakhan and Hassan Shibly, Chief Executive Director of C.A.I.R -Florida and Atty. Abed Ayoub, Director of Policy and Legal Affairs (Arab American Discrimination Committee), appeared to discuss issues ranging from the Black Liberation Struggle and Muslim Political prisoners, International issues in Africa and the Middle East to the harassment and detaining of Muslim immigrants by the U.S. Government.

You can find the Podcast for upcoming episodes here at or on Facebook at The Muslim Street.

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