Che’ Guevara and the Black Struggle

Ernesto Che' Guevara


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Where there is activism and struggle, there is also oppression.

The Activist-class that has waged a protracted cross generational struggle, against these forces, by the very nature of time and circumstance, has clearly divided itself over the Political and Cultural Nationalist question of the last 50 years, “who will win the battle for the minds of the people.”

For the Activist, they ask this questions for one reason. They would like very succinctly to be the “petty-bourgeois ruling class”, that Che’ rejected and Cabral warned against. Could Marcus Garvey have handed over the keys to his Pan-Africanist Revolution at the point of embarkment? It’s success would have depended on it.

What makes this “era” most compelling is, that we have activist classes (that I’ve termed) born in the 1960’s (the Black Power Generation), 1970-1980’s (Generation X..aka “laissez faire”), and the 1990’s (Millennials, though born in the Technological Revolution, lack the skill set of Revolutionary thought to “acquire” Liberation, but I maintain have the framework to “maintain” Liberation, after it is won. They are, what I deem, the “post-Che context.”

What will be interesting, in the coming 24-36 months, is not how these different groups work together, but are they capable of staying in their lanes to achieve the stated goal of overthrowing oppression, while understanding that the “next steps”, has more to do with them stepping away, as the Revolution belong to the masses and their material needs.

“We’re in a spinning top…Sounds never dissipate, they only recreate
in another place and time.”- Earth, Wind and Fire


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