Jerusalem: A White Supremacist Settler Colony

Hakeem Muhammad-Contributor

Theodor Herzl-Zionist Architect

President Donald Trump declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel on December 6.   This was celebrated by ‘israeli’ prime minister, Netanyahu who said, “this is a historic day” and he preceded to thank Trump. However, member states of the United Nations voted overwhelmingly to reject acknowledging Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

The reality is, both  “israel” (stolen Palestine) and the “united states” (Stolen Turtle Island)  are European settler colonies dedicated to the oppression of its indigenous populations and securing white supremacy in international affairs.

The white racist behind the Balfour Declaration

Last November, ‘israeli’ prime minister Netanyahu visited London, for the celebration of the annual anniversary of the Balfour declaration. At the ceremonies, Netanyahu stated, “I am doubtful that without it we would have received international recognition of our right on the land of Israel.” So integral was Arthur Balfour who signed the Balfour document leading to the creation of the state of “israel”, that Zionists often describe him as, “the man behind ‘israel’s’ right to exist.”  This is nothing to celebrate.


For the man responsible for ‘israel’s right to exist’ did not acknowledge the right of Black people to exist and supported mass-murders of Black people throughout Africa.

Arthur Balfour was a supporter of British colonist Cecil Rhodes, a man who mass-murdered Black people.  So depraved was Arthur Balfour, that as Cecil Rhodes colonized and killed Black people throughout Southern Africa, Arthur Balfour described Cecil Rhodes as someone who was just, “extending the blessings of civilization.”

In a statement in support of Cecil Rhodes in the British Parliament, Balfour described Black people as not (capable of governing themselves) and should live forever under white colonial domination.

Early Zionists concurred with Balfour’s praise of Cecil Rhodes.  In  a private letter, Theodor Herzl, known as the father of Israel, lauds Cecil Rhodes approach to colonizing Black people in Africa and stated, “You, Mr Rhodes are a visionary.”  Herzl’s lauding of white supremacists do not stop there.

In Theodor Herzl: From Europe to Zion,  Professor Vivian Liska, documents that ,”Herzl decided it was time to Meet King Leopold to secure a charter in Congo.” Why would the father of Israel, Herzl, desire meeting King Leopold, a man responsible for genocide of over 10 million Black people in the Congo? Herzl sought to take part in King Leopold’s theft of Black people’s land. In a letter, Theodor Herzl writes,”The Congo State has land enough which we can use for our settlement.”

Muslims Praying at Masjd Al-Asqua


 “Jerusalem Does Not Belong To A White Supremacist Settler Colony

In the critical book, The Israeli Connection: Whom Israel Arms,  Dr. Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi writes that, “Israel was clearly committed to the survival of the white regime in Rhodesia, and helped it in substantial ways.”  Israel provided uzi machine guns and helicopters to the white settler government of Rhodesia which were used in counter insurgency operations against black people.

 Under “israeli” occupation, the once Holy Land has become a center of white power, tyranny, and oppression.

In light of this, acclaimed Black author Alice Walker said the “Israeli”occupied territories of Palestine reminded her of growing up in the Jim Crow South and further states that that all of Israel is technically stolen Palestinian land.  The founder of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense, Huey Newton said Israel is a product of British Imperialism and serves U.S. imperialism, Nelson Mandela said he would never forget the support of “israel” to the Apartheid Regime of South Africa, Winnie Mandela called “israel” an apartheid state, Nelson Mandela’s grandson said “israel’s” occupied territories were very similar to the checkpoint system of apartheid in South Africa, and Malcolm X said the Zionist argument to occupy Arab Palestine had no intelligent or legal basis in history.


None of these Black freedom fighters could find anything holy about “israel.” This should come as no surprise when one considers the same group of white racists responsible for ‘israel’ emerging in the middle east are the same group of white racists endorsing colonialism of Black people in Africa.

Free Jerusalem and all of Palestine  from white colonial domination.

Hakeem Muhammad studied Political Science at the University West Georgia 

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