Pres. George H.W. Bush, The Assassination of JFK and The War on Muslims

By Malik Aziz


While you say goodbye to President George H.W. Bush, let us remember that he was materially involve of two of the most notorious tragedies of 20th Century politics:

Pres. John F. Kennedy

1). “Six Degrees of Separation”

Separation to the First degree? The assassination of President John F. Kennedy:

Empirical data surfaced in 1975 as Senator Frank Church Chaired the “Church Committee”, (the United States Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities)…in other words C.I.A. and F.B.I. political kills.

What surfaced was that Lee Harvey Oswald’s host in Texas was George de Mohrenschildt a Russian-born petroleum engineer whose engagement and guilt is documented and detailed in long-secret JFK assassination files that now have been released for public consumption.

He was the uncle of President George H.W. Bush’s prep school roommate, a friend of first lady Jacqueline Kennedy’s parents, an associate of Oswald and was rejected by the wartime Office of Strategic Services for alleged Nazi sympathies. In December 1963, he surfaced in Haiti to tell CIA operatives there that he knew Oswald, Kennedy’s assassin.

Lee Harvey Oswald & George de Mohrenschildt

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“Dear George,” de Mohrenschildt wrote Bush on Sept. 5, 1976, “You will excuse this hand-written letter. Maybe you will be able to bring a solution into the hopeless situation I find myself in.”

Bush was asked directly at the “Church Committee’s” investigation into JFK’s assassination;

“Mr. Bush, do you know this individual,” a CIA secretary wrote on a note to the director.

“I do know this man DeMohrenschildt,” Bush wrote in an internal CIA note. “I first met him in the early 40’s. He was an uncle to my Andover roommate. Later he surfaced in Dallas (50’s maybe)”

I trust you can fill in the blanks here…I need not go any further.

In a side note, The Church Committee also investigated U.S. clandestine involvement in the murder, assassination and overthrow of several governments around the globe as they play the ‘East-West Political Dynamic” with the Soviets. The Committee also published a report titled “Alleged Assassination Plots Involving Foreign Leaders”, which documented the attempts to assassinate foreign leaders,

including Patrice Lumumba of the Democratic Republic of the CongoRafael Trujillo of the Dominican RepublicNgo Dinh Diem of Vietnam, Gen. René Schneider of Chile and Fidel Castro of Cuba. Some political historians argue that the U.S. sponsored assassination of Patrice Lumumba remains the biggest and most significant lost to Africa of its’ political leadership, vis-à-vis post-colonial Africa.

Sen. Frank Church








2). The so-called “War on Terror”:

Separation to the First degree?

Pres. Reagan and the Taliban

President Bush, as the residue of the former Soviet Union morphed quickly into a series of Oligarchs, America’s “East-West Boogie Man” dynamic, which fed the fear that built the Military Industrial Complex needed a new scapegoat. It found it in, as the Chicago Tribune Sunday Editorial boldly wrote in 1990, “Islam is the new enemy.”

The irony of this geopolitical shift, was that then Vice President George Bush’s boss, President Ronald Reagan, in 1986 hosted the (soon to be enemy) Taliban at the Oval Office as he called them “Freedom Fighters!”

Further irony is the backstory to what happened on September 11, 2001..when the largest most sophisticated Military in the history of the world got compromised by two airplanes made out of fuselage. The connections between the Osama bin Laden and George H.W. Bush’ family go back decades. Perhaps the first time of note that their paths crossed would be in 1978, when George W. Bush and Salem bin Laden (brother of Osama) set up Arbusto Energy in Texas. On 9/12/2001, in Orlando, Florida, where the bin Laden’s had a plush home, while a national “ground stop” was in effect, the bin Laden’s where flown out of Orlando Int’l Airport or perhaps American Central Command (CentCom) in Tampa at MacDill Air Force Base, arriving safely to one of their mansions in Saudi Arabia.

Later, when Harken Energy took over the failed Arbusto oil company in 1986, it was underwritten for $25 million by the soon to be notorious Bank of Credit and Commerce International, better known as BCCI. Coincidentally or not, BCCI also had many of the same rich Middle Eastern businessmen involved in its operations as Arbusto had.

In early 1991, the BCCI was scandalously halted due to investigations revealing money laundering activities that were connected to the movement of weapons, as well as “funneling money to the Mujahideen” to aid in their conflict against the USSR at the time, when they ran the Soviets out of the mountains. This is the money  that was directly funneled to Osama bin Laden. These are Int’l Gangsters and Crooks! Another longtime Bush–bin Laden associate, the Khalid bin Mahfuiz, had a controlling interest in BCCI.

Other empirical evidence of the Bush-bin Laden connection is that of  Jim Bath, who was seen as a “CIA asset” around the same time that Bush Jr. was venturing into the oil business (at a time when the CIA was under the direction of Bush Sr.). He also had connections going in all directions outside the United States, particularly with rich Middle Eastern businessmen looking for opportunities with the American dollar. Many of these were members of the royal family and rich class of Saudi Arabia, including the bin Ladens.


Malik Aziz is Founder and Editor of The Muslim Street, Former Founding Chairman of The National Black United Front-Fl, and Co-Convener of The Darfur 23.

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