The Deconstruction of President Barack Obama

President Obama and Minister Louis Farrakhan

By George X Lampkin

Behind America’s Mythical Audacity of Black Hope America is now in the throes of a modern day second revolution; of which the ‘Civil Rights Movement’ is about to be put on trial. The present decline America’s hegemony around the world – and the ongoing decline of the U.S. Financial System has sparked debates over how best to reconstruct control systems over the Western Hemisphere. The Civil Rights Movement is very much apart of this national debate.

President Barack Obama

President Barack Hussein Obama was swept into political power by Wall Street’s marketing machine. He was propagated before the world as a Civil-Rights Activist and Constitutional Lawyer, while at the same time, he was being cut off from his grassroots constituency base; including his close ties with Reverend Jeremiah Wright and his close association with Minister Louis Farrakhan. President Obama was carefully lured into becoming a leader, whose primary constituency were Wall Street Oligarchs, Central Bankers, and the United Nation’s Non Government Organizations (NGOs). Back in 2009, President Obama approved a taxpayers payout to Goldman Sachs to the tune of $20 Billion through bailouts, payments and backstops. In that same year, Goldman Sachs then turned around and paid out $16.2 Billion in executive bonuses; plus an additional $5 Billion more in bonuses in 2010.

Under President Obama, the U.S. Monetary Policy Makers added $9 Trillion to the U.S. National Debt. In just eight years of President Obama’s tenure in political power in Washington, D.C., the U.S. National Debt nearly doubled. During President Obama’s tenure in the presidential office, Mainstream News Media (MSM) continued to propagate to the masses that President Obama was a champion of CivilRights, and a pro-Black President who supported economic development initiatives in Africa, South America, and other Third World Governments around the world. While President Obama was herald as a champion of Third World Financial Growth and Development, his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, led policies to support the rise of International Terrorism; including the disruption of power in Libya, Ukraine, Venezuela, Sudan, and other Governments who opposed Western Central Bankers. Under the Obama Administration, efforts were made to establish the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA); a bill which now authorizes the U.S. Justice and Defense Departments to lock up Americans for an indefinite amount of time, without due-process-of-the law or without legal representation.

Messrs. Wright, Obama, Qaddafi and Farrakhan

George Soros, a key financial supporter of President Obama, set fire to America’s social construct. Soros funded through his Open Society Foundations, several U.S. Non Government Organizations (NGOs). The Obama Legacy, the Black Lives Matter Movement, the Black Liberation Movement, and the Civil Rights Movement are deliberately divided. Minister Farrakhan traveled all across America and the world, calling for unity amongst the above said divisions – even in the midst of opposing political and financial forces who did not want to see the unification of Black People, here in America. President Obama could have been a catalyst for unifying Black Leadership and various Black Movements in America, but was hampered or obstructed by his ‘true constituent base’ – and by International Globalists and Zionist forces. The Obama Legacy was and is a BIG MYTH. Reengineering America’s Faulty Oligarchical Establishment President Donald Trump is now the President of the United States, and he represents a new constituency base – a base that opposes a ‘list of policies’ that were signed into law under President Obama.

Upon entering the Presidential Office, President Trump began dismantling ObamaCare and the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program. According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office, “Obama signed more than 1,000 provisions ( into law during his eight years as president. His administration created more than 7,000 ‘significant rules and regulations’ through his executive power.” President Trump came on the heels of an already broken political system. He ran against the Republican Establishment; a ‘closed network of chosen Republican Candidates’ who were qualified by powerful special interest forces. Note: Donald Trump was not suppose to win! After conquering the Republican Party, Donald Trump set out to takedown the Democratic Party. He ran against “Crooked Hillary” – and defeated her gestapo-political machine; a political apparatus that supported the use of faulty intelligence to deceive the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC).

President Donald Trump meets with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in the Oval Office

Donald Trump ran as an anti-Establishment Candidate – and won against both political parties. President Trump is actively engaged in a political war against the two-party political system. He now mounts a full-scale war against mainstream news outlets; and the U.S. Intelligence Community. He is setting fire to Secret Political Guilds and U.S. Institutions. There is this unofficial Presidential Secret Guild Society; an association of past and present Presidents. There have been an ‘unwritten code’ where an incoming President would agree to keep classified the unsavory and unlawful dealings of past Presidents. President Trump broke rank from this secret cabal; and has even set fire to it. Now, all former Presidents are made to appear as Emperors with no clothes! In President Trump’s attempt to expose America’s political corruption – and the many Deep State Government’s high crimes and treasonous acts, former Presidents are scrambling for cover. The globalist agenda to bring the entire world under a Westernized Monetary System has failed. There are members of the Zionists/Globalists Establishment who advocate for a transition of political system – to a ‘New Political System’ that favors the rise of the Military Industrial Complex. If this is true, that makes President Trump a ‘Transitional President’ or a ‘Provisional President’. President Trump represents ‘Social and Economic Planners’ who aim to bring America’s Institutions to heel at the interests of the Military Industrial Complex; to reconstruct or reengineer the Political and Economic Establishment. It’s not President Trump’s aim to utterly destroy America’s Institutions; but to bind them to a New Agenda or a New Manifest Destiny. President Obama, A Case for Treason and High Crimes Against America President Trump has threatened Bush, Sr., Bill Clinton, Bush, Jr., and Obama. He threatens to expose secret classified information which links them to National and International Acts of Treasons – and High-crimes against Human Rights and abuses. Back on March 31, 2017, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice went to the White House to meet with President Trump to weigh in on North Korea. That meeting may have been a cover to high what really happened behind closed doors. Was Condoleezza Rice sent to the White House, to represent the interests of the Bush Family – to discuss a deal with President Trump to shield the family from being exposed for treasonous acts against the U.S. Government? President Trump may not be interested in taking down the entire ‘unofficial Presidential Secret Guild Society’; but may have already decided to turn the spotlight on one particular President – to take the fall for everything wrong with the U.S. Government and the U.S. Economy.

The spotlight is beginning to once again shine on President Obama – but this time, the spectrum of lights will cast him as America’s Treasonous Commander and Chief. The recently released ‘FISA Memo’ document will be followed by ongoing Memorandums which will highlight U.S. Officials who worked for the Obama Administration, who were involved in corruption, bribery, blackmail, and collusion with foreign governments to commit treasonous acts against the U.S. Government and its citizens. Mainstream News is beginning to report on the details of the recent released FISA Memo, with a twist to spark hostility within the two-party political system. The American People are caught up in the media circus. People are deeply confused over the state of the U.S. Political System – and the state of the U.S. Economy. U.S. Citizens have been dumb down and cannot handle complex issues well.  If President Trump is to be effective in turning the ‘negative spotlight’ off of himself, he must initiate a reconciliation of power within the Deep State Government. He must also realign himself with the Mainstream News Industry. In President Trump’s recent ‘State of Union’ address, news outlets [all] agree that he preformed well in his speech – and nearly all poll data systems showed high approval ratings, too. President Trump is desperate to outflank the negative media coverage of the coming collapse of the U.S. Dollar. He cannot afford to be seen by his political base as a lame-duck president. America has been a massive wealthy country, and is fast becoming a second rate country with monumental problems that may soon push Americans to the brink of FINANCIAL RUIN, CIVIL WAR, and REVOLUTION. The U.S. Government has over $3.2 Trillion in assets; including $20 Trillion in National Debt – and $120+ Trillion in Unpaid Liabilities Debt. America is on the brink of a impending financial collapse – and President Trump does not wish to be in the crosswinds of bad media press; to undermine his own presidential legacy. The Oligarchical Establishment must continue to distract people with its misinformation campaign; and it must shed the spotlight on a figurehead to take the blame for everything wrong with America. President Trump is in a tug-of-war against President Obama to cast one another in a negative light. Mainstream News Outlets are refereeing todays political and economic scandals in primetime news hours. A case is being established to reinforce Donald Trump’s campaign slogan for Hillary Clinton – calling her Crooked Hillary. It’s working all across political circles – and social media forums. Mainstream News have begun to link Crooked Hillary’s corruption dealings with the Obama Administration.

Michael Smerconish

In a recent article from the Cable News Network (CNN), a well hidden “photo” between President Obama and Minister Louis Farrakhan was featured in a primetime news show by CNN’s Reporter Michael Smerconish. The reporter asked the question, “A Radical Picture of Obama?” The report highlighted President Obama’s association with Bill Ayers, Founder of the Weather Underground Movement; including Michael Smerconish’s attempt to rehash President Obama’s once close association with Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Minister Farrakhan. Today, nearly all major new outlets are airing this “picture” to its viewing audience. It’s being widely circulated throughout social media as well.  Efforts are clearly underway to cast President Obama in a treasonous light; as a secret socialist revolutionary radical who wanted to destroy America from within.

The Demonization of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. On January 15, 2018, President Trump ordered his Department of Justice to release ‘FBI Classified Files’ on the ‘assassination of President John F. Kennedy.” Over 300 pages were redacted, kept secret, while so-called classified information were released highlighting the secret life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Much that were released suggest that Dr. King was closely associated with Stanley David Levison, a white New York lawyer, who had been a top financier for the Communist Party USA. The classified files reveals an alleged comment from a Communist insider who allegedly said, “King has been described within the [Communist Party USA] as a true, genuine Marxist-Leninist from the top of his head to the tips of his toes.” The released FBI files included details of Dr. Martin Luther King’s alleged infidelity, saying that “throughout the ensuing years and until this date King has continued to carry on his sexual aberrations secretly while holding himself out to public view as a moral leader of religious conviction.” It’s crystal clear, that President Trump and his Globalists Puppet Masters aim to further demonize Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; thus, demonizing the Civil Rights Movement. Multiple spotlights are beginning to triangulate on President Obama;

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

highlighting his close association with the Communist Party; with so-called radical Black Nationalism; and with so-called radical Islam. The Deconstruction of President Barack Hussein Obama Hillary Clinton or “Crooked Hillary” is at the center of a Russian/Gate scandal. She is associated with participating in bribery and fraudulent schemes to sell ‘U.S. Uranium’ to Russia in exchange for payoffs to The Clinton Foundation. The Uranium One Deal is public knowledge now, and information has leaked from WikiLeaks over Hillary Clinton’s involvement in money laundering and collusion with Russian Officials – while working for President Obama, as his Secretary of State.

Let’s recap, President Obama was Commander and Chief over 1) the Uranium One Deal; 2) a fake dossier which falsely suggested Donald Trump was colluding with Russia (a dossier which defrauded on four occasions the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court), to illegally spy on the Trump Campaign Team; 3) the Clinton Foundation money laundering schemes; and 4) the Democratic Party money laundering schemes. Barack Hussein Obama is being made to appear as a Secret Operative who had close ties with Bill Ayers, the Founder of the Weather Underground Movement; with Reverend Jeremiah Wright; and with Minister Farrakhan – driving home a newly revised ‘false narrative’ that Obama was somehow a secret member of the Communist Party; including the subtle suggestion that he was a so-called radical Black Nationalist and a so-called radical Muslim. Mainstream News is poised to lift up President Trump as a savior to the American People, while preparing to crucify and demonize President Obama in the public circus arena. President Obama’s ride up to power was breathtaking! His takedown will be devastating and will further demoralize the Civil Rights Movement. Black Political Leaders may soon face enormous scrutiny from various investigatory entities supporting the rise of President Trump – and the rise of the U.S. Military Industrial Complex. They maybe forced to denounce the illegal activities of the Obama Administration. They maybe forced to denounce President Obama, Jeremiah Wright, Minister Farrakhan, the Communist Party, and so-called radical Islam. General James “Mad Dog” Mattis recently announced an end to a U.S. Policy to focus on its war against International Terrorism; but to focus on State Actors like China and Russia – both Communist Regimes. The Black Community is now facing an epic battle of enormous proportion; to confront news outlets that aim to utterly destroy President Obama and the Civil Rights Movement Legacy.

President Obama and Minister Farrakhan are being triangulated against one another – to further divide the Black Community. Will Black TV Journalists be given airtime to way-in on the triangulation frenzy? Will Black Clerics be given airtime to take sides in this epic battle to further divide the Black Community? Will Black Leaders be forced to denounce President Obama before Congressional Hearing Committees?

President Obama and Min. Louis Farrakhan

Will segments within the Black Community be seduced into blaming Minister Farrakhan for the fall of President Obama? We are at a turning point in history, where political and economic lines are being blurred and the age old status quo is coming down. We might be on the verge of something great and dreadful at the same time. Minister Farrakhan said, “President Trump will take America to hell on a rocket-ship.” Elijah Muhammad once said, “In the end, America will have a Black President.” The public lynching of President Obama will be aired all over the world. Huge crowds will be made to cry out for his prosecution – in a military tribunal fashion. Behind this public lynching spectacle will be the Oligarchical Establishment or the Ruling Class of America. President Barack Hussein Obama was embraced by this wickedly esteemed cabal – and is being betrayed and portrayed as being a radical communist leftist, a secret radical Muslim, and a treasonous scumbag. As I personally look out on the horizon, I can see crowds swelling up awaiting to celebrate in the ‘Public Lynching’ of an ‘Innocent Man’ who got himself caught up in a world where ‘Master Mischief Makers’ travel to and fro around the world seeking to rob and exploit people of their natural wealth and resources. We must mount ‘Defense Strategies’ to defend one another in this epic moment in time!


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