CNN Claims Slave Auctions Dominate Lawlessness in The New Libya

Art Mobley-Contributing Journalist

Libya remains in a state of civil war six years after Europe and the United States invaded in a murderous effort to eliminate the popularly elected government of Muammar Gaddafi. Free and open elections have yet to be held in Libya since the 2011 War was punctuated with the public assassination of Gaddafi.

The US controlled UN Security Council successful voted March 17, 2011 to allow NATO to establish a no-fly-zone over the sovereign nation of Libya enforcing UNSC Resolution 1973. The action led to the indiscriminate bombing of Libya, including the targeting of Libya’s military while confined to barracks.
Libya is now a failed state with competing mercenary groups claiming legal rights to the nation’s economy and oil reserves. As the country is plundered, a growing immigration crisis has lead CNN to report that slave auctions are openly conduced sending thousands of Africans into forced labor.

The Darfur 23 (A group of Black American Educators, Journalist and Business people who travel to Darfur,  in response to the crisis in Sudan in 2007), is proposing a series of measures to the African Union and the former General National Congress (Tripoli) to return a popular elected government to Libya. An election organized and administered by the US was held in July of 2012, but the majority Jamahiriya Party (the party of the former Gaddafi Government) was banned from participation.

Art Mobley is a Journalist and a Co-Convener of The Darfur 23

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